International Conservation Services (ICS)
    Cangandala National Park, Angola

International Conservation Services (ICS) was founded in 1992 in Africa by Dr. Jeremy Anderson and Dr. Marc Stalmans. We have applied and translated our Southern African conservation and ecotourism experience in projects further afield. The company has served Governments, NGOs and the private sector throughout Africa, the Middle East and the Far East.


We have a rare balance of academic qualifications with extensive practical experience, particularly in protected area planning, development and management. This, plus a wide background in biodiversity conservation, ecotourism assessment and project management gives ICS a strong international capacity. This balance enables us to evaluate each situation and provide ecologically sound solutions that are also cost-effective and practical to implement.


We have a select group of Associates whose ability and local knowledge are recognized by their peers. We frequently make use of their expertise on projects where we know that they will strengthen a multi-disciplinary team with local understanding or specialist skills.

J Anderson & M Stalmans, Sahara Desert, Lybia  
J Anderson & M Stalmans, Sahara Desert, Lybia
Tim Rundle at a conservation site, UAE  
T Rundle at a conservation site, UAE
International Conservation Services (ICS)
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